On Feb. 25, CLFA delivered a letter proposing new strategies in addressing GHG’s in THPs


On October 22, CLFA delivered a letter supporting amendments to clarify identification of Class II-Large watercourses.

CAL FIRE’s NSO Update Memo (posted 9/21)

On September 14, CLFA delivered a letter to Governor Brown supporting AB 2284 (Take Back Our Forests!)

On September 14, CLFA delivered a letter to Governor Brown supporting SB 1122 (bioenergy).

CLFA has a new Message/Communications board – this board is meant to be used for posting questions to others regarding forest practice, etc. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/clfa/

Early Termination Letter of GWDRs: CLFA received a letter from the NCRWQCB regarding Early Termination of a THP from GWDRs. July 11, 2012.

NSO Critical Habitat: CLFA provided public comment to the USFWS regarding the Proposed Rule to the Revised Designation on NSO Critical Habitat. July 6, 2012.

AB 2170: CLFA submitted a SUPPORT letter to Senator Pavley. AB 2170 proposes to create the Working Forest Management Plan (WFMP). June 19, 2012.

CLFA submitted a letter in June 2012 supporting Senator LaMalfa’s SB 1541. This bill would eliminate the January 1, 2013, termination date for that exemption.

On April 16 CLFA submitted a letter opposing AB 2556 (Allen). CLFA has concerns related to the bill’s reference to a “licensed” arborist, as well as the absence of any reference to a Registered Professional Forester. To see the letter go here.

On March 29 CLFA wrote a letter to Assemblymember Portantino respectfully yet, strongly opposing AB2424. See the letter here.

On February 6, the coalition of CLFA, Forest Landowners of California and Buckeye wrote a letter to Assemblyman Wes Chesbro encouraging him to support the Working Forest Management Plan.


Attached is a letter requesting that the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection take leadership in examining the problem of illegal drug growing in the forest of California. October 2011.

CLFA sponsored legislation to remove antiquated and redundant passages in the Z’berg-Nejedly Forest Practice Act. That bill, AB 1414, was passed unanimously this month of September. Please check out CLFA’s letter to Governor Jerry Brown.After learning of the recent proposal in the proposed state budget passed by the legislature the week of 20th, CLFA sent a letter to the Governor opposing these fees. See the letter. CLFA has sponsored a ‘good governance’ bill, AB 1414, which should streamline the Forest Practice Act by striking hundreds of unnecessary words from the PRC. To read the CLFA letter to Assemblymember Wes Chesbro, go here

On April 5, CLFA delivered this letter to the BOF regarding the JDSF JAG Report.

On March 29, CLFA hand delivered a letter to Assemblymember Roger Dickinson, opposing AB 1005, a bill that proposes to amend the Z’Berg Nejedly Forest Practice Act in a manner that will further degrade the ability of the state’s already depressed forest products sector to compete in the global marketplace.

On March 21, CLFA wrote a letter to the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board to rollback the 2009 waiver.

On March 18, CLFA President Jason Poburko, VP Frank Mulhair and the GAS Bill Keye, met with the new Secretary of the Resource’s Agency. See the thank you letter.

On March 3, CLFA wrote a coalition letter to Assemblyman Chesbro regarding carrying CLFA’s NTMP Bill.

On February 21, 2011, CLFA wrote a letter to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Service Office, requesting a one-year grandfathering of the 1 year, 6-pass NSO Survey Protocol.


On August 5, 2010, CLFA wrote a letter to the gubernatorial candidatesrequesting a meeting with California’s forestry professionals.

On July 22, 2010, CLFA wrote letters to the chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Christine Kehoe, opposing AB 2575 (Chesbro) and AB 1504 (Skinner).

LETTER TO PAVLEY REGARDING AB 1504: On June 15, 2010 CLFA wrote a letter to Senator Pavley providing input on AB 1504, CO2 Sequestration.

LETTER TO PAVLEY REGARDING AB 2575: On June 15, 2010 CLFA wrote a letter to Senator Pavley informing her of CLFA’s opposition to AB 2575, BOF ASP Pilot Projects and the THP database.

LETTER TO BOF REGARDING THE INTERPRETATION OF THE ASP FPR RULES BY CAL FIREOn February 18, CLFA wrote a letter to the BOF regarding the interpretation of ASP Forest Practice Rules (FPRs)

LETTER PROVIDING COMMENTS ON PROPOSED FEES FOR WASTE DISCHARGE WAIVER BY THE CVRWQCBOn February 9, 2010, CLFA wrote a letter to the CVRQQCB regarding: Renewal of Resolution R5-2005-0052 Conditional Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges Related to Timber Harvest Activities

LETTER PROVIDING COMMENTS ON AB 1504On January 10, 2010, CLFA wrote a letter to Assembly Member Skinner regarding AB 1504 (Carbon Sink Act)


CLFA submitted a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger outlining CLFA’s responses to both the Tahoe Fire Commission Report and the Governor’s Proclamation.

On April 8, CLFA submitted letters of support for AB 2045 (De La Torre), which proposes to update and modernize the California Urban Forestry Act of 1978, and AB 2285 (La Malfa), which is designed to increase flexibility in the utilization by California timber landowners of the so-called “La Malfa Exemption” [PR 4584 (k)].

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