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California Licensed Foresters Association

The California Licensed Foresters Association, with a membership responsible for the sustained management of millions of acres of California forestland, represents the common interests of California Registered Professional Foresters.

The Association provides opportunities for continuing education and public outreach to its membership, which includes professionals affiliated with government agencies, private timber companies, consultants, the public, and the academic community. Governed by an elected Board of Directors, CLFA was established in 1980 after the passage of the landmark California Professional Foresters Law.

Mission Statement:

CLFA represents California Registered Professional Foresters and associated professionals, who are responsible for the sustained management of millions of acres of California forestland.

President's Message

Jay Fazio

Change, it drives us. Of course change is always better when it is your idea, but when it’s not you just have to work with it or it could get the better of you. I remember having a conversation in 2004 with boss Mike Kennedy. We were discussing how much more information was being requested by the agencies in order to have our THPs approved. He reminisced about the 25 page THP of the past and said he was sorry we had to jump through all these hoops for the same result. I responded to him by telling him I didn’t know any better. We had a good laugh. I never got to experience the 25 page THP, it was a little before my time. Foresters in general are resilient when it comes to change, think about all the rule changes and interpretations we have gone through. Think about the ever changing protection measures for owls, bats, plants, fish, weasels, and now wolves?! Despite frustration, good things come about through change. Change offers opportunities, reveals strengths we might not have known we have and requires us to continue learning. Socrates once said “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

Speaking of change, as with every election cycle, the composition of our Board and executive officers underwent changes in May. I have replaced Clayton Code as your president, Nick Knipe has assumed the vice presidency, and Stacy Stanish has stepped into the treasurer role. Retiring board members include Jack Harvey, Colin Noyes, Mitch Hunt, Robert Galliano and Kevin Conway. I would like to thank them for their efforts and contributions; it was an honor to serve with them on this Board.

With the new election year, the board gained nine new board members. The new board members include Chris Dow, Harlan Tranmer, Stew McMorrow, Sara Taddo Jones, Ron Hutchinson, Kieran O’Leary, Mike Bacca and George “YG” Gentry. Welcome to the Board! Or in the case of Mike and YG, welcome back! I am looking forward to working with such a diverse group of professionals this coming year. We are still one seat short of a full board. Serving on the Board is an opportunity to affect positive changes for our profession. Get involved; make a change for the better.

As always a standing agenda item for all CLFA meetings is member communications. We are doing our best to get you up to date information from Sacramento, but we also need to know what’s going on in your neck of the woods. Please take the time to write, e-mail or call us with your thoughts, ideas and opinions, we value your comments and give them serious consideration. Please consider being part of the solution and help CLFA maintain the relevancy of our profession. Add your voice to the hundreds of RPFs throughout the state to make sure we can continue to add a rational, professional voice during the development of forest policies in California. Your participation drives CLFA.

Thank you for your continued involvement and support.

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