California Licensed Foresters Association

The California Licensed Foresters Association, with a membership responsible for the sustained management of millions of acres of California forestland, represents the common interests of California Registered Professional Foresters.

The Association provides opportunities for continuing education and public outreach to its membership, which includes professionals affiliated with government agencies, private timber companies, consultants, the public, and the academic community.

Governed by an elected Board of Directors, CLFA was established in 1980 after the passage of the landmark California Professional Foresters Law.

2015 Fall Workshop

RPF Exam Prep


October 2015
Clayton Code

The President’s Stump
Every skipped workshop is a missed opportunity to learn something new, sharpen your skills, reconnect with colleagues, and meet new people. When we put a workshop togeth-er the primary objective is making foresters better at what they do. This is not easy be-cause as generalists RPFs’ scope of practice is hugely diverse. This is a fact I ask you to consider when looking at a workshop announcement deciding whether to attend or not. It is easy to judge the value of a workshop based on what you are responsible for right there and then. The reality is each of us could find ourselves doing very different things within the scope of our practice; the only thing certain is uncertainty. Take our last workshop for example. Those in attendance learned one air district’s support for cogeneration, the complexities of grant funding so critical in post-fire rehabilitation, strategies for road improvements in the face of post fire hydrology, and fire response inci-dent command. Each of these topics, and others that were part of the program, are rele-vant to some but not all in the here and now. But any one of us could encounter a change of duties or responsibilities that could make these topics relevant. There is no telling what any of us will be called upon to do, and the better equipped we are, the better foresters we can be. Those with dull tools work harder.