The California Licensed Foresters Association, with a membership responsible for the sustained management of millions of acres of California forestland, represents the common interests of California Registered Professional Foresters.                

The Association provides opportunities for continuing education and public outreach to its membership, which includes professionals affiliated with government agencies, private timber companies, consultants, the public, and the academic community.                

Governed by an elected Board of Directors, CLFA was established in 1980 after the passage of the landmark California Professional Foresters Law.        

Fall Workshop 2014


September 25 & 26, 2014

The Road Network Through Our Forests

Archaeological Refresher Classes 2014


RPF Exam Preparation Seminar

November 14, 2014!

This is a GREAT opportunity for all Prospective RPFs!



April 2014

The time has come for me to hand over the CLFA gavel to the next president.  It has been an honor and a privilege to be the president of this association for the past year.  When I think of the amazing abilities and qualities of people that we have as members I am awed and humbled that I could be your representative.  I must also admit that it hasn’t been exactly easy.  During this year we had to replace both the Executive Director and the Government Affairs Specialist.  Add to that, the daily communications required to keep all aspects of the association moving forward and I realize that in fact I am looking forward to a reprieve.  I still have another year on the CLFA Board and look forward to continued participation at that level.  My time on the Board has been quite valuable, more valuable than I had anticipated it would be.  I highly recommend that you take the opportunity if you haven’t had a term on the Board, or if you already have and considering another stint, it is a great experience to expand your horizons and learn more about our profession. 

To future presidents and the association in general, I recommend maintaining a positive outlook.  We will always have issues to deal with from both regulations and economic pressures.  Yet, as I am fond of mentioning, forestry is important to our state and we are critical in keeping it that way.  A positive attitude can go a long way in getting your opinion heard and will give you more persuasive power than someone crying that the end is near because of some timber harvesting.  I suggest that to the extent possible representatives of CLFA should always smile, be positive and get to the point.  Following that formula I have found success in getting our voice heard. 



Thank you all for supporting me over the past year and more importantly for supporting the association.  I am truly inspired by all the effort that we do collectively across this association.  Not just what we do as representatives of CLFA but what we all do every day to take care of clients, employers, the public, our communities and the forests of this state.  The profession of forestry is vital and relevant to our society and it’s all of you that make it that way.  Thank you!    


Mike Tadlock, CLFA President