California Licensed Foresters Association

The California Licensed Foresters Association, with a membership responsible for the sustained management of millions of acres of California forestland, represents the common interests of California Registered Professional Foresters.

The Association provides opportunities for continuing education and public outreach to its membership, which includes professionals affiliated with government agencies, private timber companies, consultants, the public, and the academic community.

Governed by an elected Board of Directors, CLFA was established in 1980 after the passage of the landmark California Professional Foresters Law.

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January 2015
Kevin Conway

Happy 2015!  I’m looking forward to another exciting, positive year for our profession.  The Forest Fire Prevention Pilot Project Exemption is now available for use, the road rules will take effect, and there is increased funding for the California Forest Improvement Program, the CAL FIRE seed bank, and various fuel reduction projects requiring the guidance of RPFs.  The working Forest Management Plan, expanded defensible space exemption (AB 1867), and the PTEIR for Carbon and Fuel Hazard Reduction will be going under final rule development for implementation in 2016.  CLFA will continue to provide a voice for you in these conversations as well as others that may affect our license to practice forestry.

With a new year we also ask that you renew your commitment to our joint interest in protecting the scope and utility of our professional license by renewing your CLFA membership.  You will see in your 2015 dues invoice that dues have again held steady.  Your CLFA Board continually strives to use your dues as efficiently as possible to benefit you and our chosen profession.  We also included this year a brief outline of some of CLFA’s activities in 2014 to highlight some of the services we have provided in the past year.  We would also request that you update your contact information on the form provided with your invoice or by e-mailing Kathleen at  We are checking the accuracy of our member database to ensure you receive timely communications from CLFA.  There is room on this form for you to provide feedback to the Board.  Your feedback provides us an invaluable guidance on where you would like to see CLFA’s time and energy spent to provide the most benefit to you, the membership.

What you don’t directly see in the outline of activities that CLFA has undertaken in 2014, and is committed to continuing in 2015 and beyond, is the number of hours invested by your volunteer Board of Directors and your fellow members to accomplish all these activities.  These efforts are all in addition to carrying out their job duties and attending to family responsibilities.  CLFA would not exist or be as effective as it is without their dedication or that of those who have served in the past.  I give a hearty thank you to each and every one of you that have served on the Board or have participated on a specific issue on CLFA’s behalf.

I hope that everybody’s year is off to a great start, and I look forward to continuing to serve as your president through April, when Clayton Code will assume that role, and as a Southern District Director until 2016.  As always, please reach out to a CLFA Director or to Kathleen should you have any questions, concerns, or want to provide input on any issue before our profession.  Thank you.